Today, every company is a software company and shipping software faster is key to delivering business value.

Distelli helps your IT and Engineering teams bring your applications to life so you can iterate faster, ship sooner and capture the market faster.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

We focus on customers above all else and continuously work on improving developer experience. Our work is never done.

Operational Excellence

Our engineering team has a high bar for quality and focused on building systems that are reliable, durable and scalable.

Rahul Singh Founder & CEO

After graduating from CMU with an MS in Robotics, Rahul spent nine years at Amazon where he was one of the earliest engineers on the Amazon AWS team. He spent several years building and deploying key platform components that power AWS. Rahul also designed, implemented, and deployed the caching infrastructure that powers tens of thousands of machines for Amazon’s Retail Website Platform today.

John O'Farrell

John O’Farrell is a General Partner at venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz where he works with late-stage growth companies and selected early-stage ventures. He has more than 25 years of US and international experience in corporate/business development and operational roles in the Internet, enterprise software and telecommunications industries.

Jon Ingalls

Since 1999 Jon has held several roles in Seattle's tech industry and most of those were at startups. One, TrackSimple, merged with BlueKai which Oracle purchased in 2014. While at Amazon Jon worked hard like everyone else there, learned a lot too. Today Jon's interest in startups is less hands but share a theme: put a little bit of software everywhere, do it right, and you can create huge opportunities in the computing markets. Distelli is a shining example of such a platform done right.

Distelli Headquarters
2101 4th Ave., Ste. 1270 Seattle, WA 98121