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Using your own Build Server

When building your application with Distelli you can specify Distelli to use your own build servers wherever they may exist.

Step 1. Install the Distelli Agent

To correctly function as a build server in Distelli you must first install the Distelli agent on the build server.

Instructions for installing the Distelli agent can be found here Installing the Agent.

For build server functionality, the server must be running Distelli agent version 3.50 or greater. To see your Distelli agent version see Distelli agent version.

For more information on the Distelli agent see Distelli Agent reference guide.

Step 2. Install Repository Client

For your build server to be able to retrieve software code from a repository, the appropriate client software must be installed.

Ensure you install the command line version. With Windows ensure you install the windows command prompt version.

Use git for BitBucket, GitHub, and GitHub Enterprise.

For more information on installing Git for Windows, please see Installing Git for Windows Build.

Use mercurial for BitBucket.

Step 3. Mark Server as Build Server

From the Distelli WebUI you mark the server as a build server.

A server marked as a build server can still consume deployments from Distelli.

  1. In the Distelli WebUI click the Servers link from the top.
  2. In the server list find the server you wish to make a build server and click the server name.
  3. On the server page click the Build Server link in the top right.
  4. In the resulting dialog box, click the Enable button.

You have enabled this server to build your applications. For more information see Setting Build Server Capabilities.

Step 4(VM). Enable Application to use Build Server

This section is specific to using the build server with the Distelli VM Dashboard. Please skip to the next section for using the build server with Distelli K8S Dashboard.

For an application to use a build server it must be integrated with a repository. To integrate your application with a repository see:

If your application is not integrated with a repository, this option will not be available.

To enable an application to use a build server:

  1. Navigate to the Application.
  2. Ensure you are on the Overview tab.
  3. On the right click the Build Options gear.
  4. A dialog box will appear on the right.

  5. Click the Build on my own hardware option at the top right.
  6. Click the Save button.

You have enabled this application to build on your build servers. For more information see Setting Build Server Capabilities.

Step 4(K8S). Install Docker on Build Server

To build docker containers, for use with kubernetes, you must install docker on the build server.

Once docker is installed, you must add the distelli user to the docker group and restart the distelli supervise process. Here is an example of doing this with linux.

# usermod -a -G docker distelli
# /usr/local/bin/distelli supervise stop
# /usr/local/bin/distelli supervise start

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