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Distelli Manifest

The Distelli application manifest is a set of instructions that describes how to build, test, package, and deploy your application. An application manifest is required for each application in Distelli.

You can manage your manifest in either a file, distelli-manifest.yml, in your repository. Or through the Distelli WebUI with the in-app manifest.

The menu to the left contains each phase of the Manifest. This is ordered by Type (Build, Deploy, Restart, & Terminate) and then the order of each phase.


The Distelli application manifest file is a YAML configuration file that is saved with your application code. An example manifest may look like this:

    - npm install
    - npm test
    - '*'
    - sudo apt-get -y update
    - sudo apt-get -y install nodejs
    - PORT: "3000"
    - nodejs app.js

To see information about a manifest phase/section click on it from the list on the left.

Distelli WebUI Manifest

The Distelli application manifest can be managed in the WebUI with an in-app manifest. Navigate to an application and then click the Manifest tab. Here you can edit the build and deploy steps of the manifest.

app manifest

app manifest

For more information see Deployment Types

Questions or Comments?

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